Resume and Executive Coaching Package


Creating the conditions for your success through mindfulness techniques and brain-based strategies

I write resumes that get read and get results. In a world where you have less than 30 seconds to capture the interest of a reader, my resumes get noticed. Why? I know how to identify your natural gifts, those things that no one does exactly like you, and I translate those gifts into compelling language that makes you stand out.

Unlike skills, which can be outsourced, your gifts make up what some would call your unique “genius” zone, those innate talents that were given to you at birth. Perhaps it’s your particular approach to problem solving, your ability to uncover hidden talents among staff, or your highly developed intuitive decision-making skills. Whatever they are, they need to be front and center on your resume.

You may not be fully aware of what these gifts are. Most likely you are not. But I’m a very good detective and I will find them and I will help you fully embrace them. It’s one of the highlights of the process. In fact, clients find it exhilarating. So do I!

I didn’t know what made a resume effective until I worked with you. What I did know is that it is difficult to generate interest from a hiring manager strictly from a resume but you created a document that has done exactly that and more. In the process, I also gained a deeper understanding of the value that I have created for past employers and how to articulate that confidently in an interview setting. I love my new job and I thank you for your help!” 

Tracy L., CDO, Non-profit organization


My Process

Why would a hiring manager want to select you over someone else with a comparable background?

You may not yet know the answer but you will!  As the process unfolds, you will come to understand and clearly articulate why YOU are the best person for the job.

In our initial interview, I will ask questions that are designed to help you shine the light on you. As you answer, I am listening to how you describe your career. I am also listening to your tone and the emotion behind the language, all of which are clues to uncovering your natural genius and what it is that truly excites you.

After this, I write a first draft for your review.  There will be more drafts, reviews, and conversations that are deep and revealing. Because this is an iterative process, I offer multiple revisions. The resume isn’t finished until you are completely satisfied.


Your Vision: Defining what you want to create for yourself

At the same time that we are focused on a new resume, I will ask you to cast a wide net in thinking about your next career move. This is the time to do some dreaming. As long as you are making a change, why not go for the gold? What would your ideal work situation look like? I will lead you through a series of exercises that will help you answer that question, and you may be very surprised with the results!


Effective Interviewing Techniques: How to be a “stand out” Interviewee

You project well and your manner is relaxed and confident. These are qualities that are attractive to prospective employers. However, if you haven’t interviewed for a while, or if you have but are not getting call backs, this is an important area on which to focus. At this point in the process, you will already be thinking differently about yourself. How do you express this new view of you? What are the short, impactful stories that convey your capabilities?


How long will we be working together?

The process generally takes 6 to 8 weeks.


My Client Profile: Who works with me?

After 28 years of running a major trade association, I needed a resume that would position me for life after retirement. I knew that I wanted to remain engaged and contribute to something worth while. Your process was thorough, unique, and effective. My resume is my calling card and I have had nothing but positive comments.

Gerald G., CEO, trade association

My clients are diverse in their backgrounds and professional pursuits. They are senior and c-level executives inside of Fortune 500 companies and small businesses. They are entrepreneurs. They are senior administrators for government agencies. They are non-profit executives. One thing they have in common, however, is that they refuse to settle for less than they deserve. They want something better for themselves. I am tremendously moved by the purity of their intentions and inspired by what we create together.


The Deliverables:

The resume coaching package includes:

  • A compelling resume that reflects your expertise and the results you have achieved. Your resume will be given to you as both a Word and PDF document, professionally formatted in a stylish, effective and traditional manner which is favored by head hunters
  • Exercises to help clarify the kind of position/work that is perfectly aligned with your unique experiences and talents, and that will prepare you mentally to create the conditions for your success
  • Interview preparation
  • A generic cover letter to be used for head hunters/hiring managers
  • LinkedIN Summary Profile

When the above has been completed, I remain available for consultation as you continue your search. If I can be helpful in making introductions, I will gladly do so.


In Summary

I do not promise to “find” you a job or the promotion you may be seeking.  I do something much different.  I help you create the conditions for your success through mindfulness techniques and brain-based strategies. You will understand and be confident about the gifts that are unique to you. You will know how to articulate your value and what sets you apart from others.  And I will create the  documents (an effective resume, LinkedIn Summary, and cover letter) that will get you noticed and launch you towards your next career.