Leading with a Relaxed Mind

When you are fully present you are less likely to be stressed and anxious. Why is this important to executives or business owners?

When we are in a state of anxiety or stress, our ability to think creatively is impaired. Our decisions are often reactive and not based on sound judgement.  And yet, the world of business is laden with anxiety so how can we escape stressful situations?

The answer is you don’t.  Stress is there.  Instead, you notice it, you pay attention to its impact, and, thanks to neuroscience and the ancient masters, there are dozens of techniques to help you return to a state of relaxation.  They are powerful.  I use them with my clients every day and the results are life-changing.

Why? A relaxed mind is a receptive mind. It is in this state that you have full access to your amazing mental powers. From this place you can lead smartly, creatively, and with compassion.