“Whenever two people meet, the person with the greatest amount of confidence will influence the other,” Dr. David Krueger

Linda Cassell, M.Ed.; CPCC, ACC

What makes someone decide to purchase (or not) the services of a professional?

The Wharton School of Business surveyed several thousand professionals to answer this very question. What would the determining factor be?

·      Years of experience

·      Reputation

·      Amount of fee

·      Degrees and certifications

·      Stating recommendations and fees clearly and confidently

·      The state of the economy

Guess which one?

Stating recommendations and fees clearly and confidently.”

According to Dr. David Krueger and numerous neuroscience studies, “emotions and states of mind are contagious.” Quite simply they are transferred from person to person and from amygdala (the feeling center of the brain) to amygdala. Confidence implies expertise. It engenders trust and attracts followers.

Quite simply, confidence (that comes from the inside out) is a greater predictor of success than competence.

This has huge meaning for anyone involved in sales, from business services to fundraising, or for someone who simply has a desire to improve his/her ability to persuade and influence.

What happens if you are not feeling confident?  How can you build self-confidence?

Since confidence is a “state of mind,” positive self-talk is an easy and effective strategy. Tune into that inner voice that we all have, the one who says things like, “who do you think you are? You can’t do that! Don’t ask for that! You won’t get it!,” and on and on.


How to counter such negative chatter?

·      Become a keen observer of your mind. Pay attention to what you are telling yourself.

·       Ask yourself, “How is that thought serving me?”  If it’s not affirming, come up with an alternative that makes you feel good about yourself.

·      Think about a past accomplishment that reminds you of just how unique, gifted, and capable you are. Savor that memory and watch how your mood will shift from feeling uncertain to feeling energized  by being exactly who you are, right now, right here.