Why I Do It


I made the conscious decision to become an “executive” coach because I strongly believe in the potential within us all, and  I want to live in a more peaceful, joyful, compassionate world. Corporate America and people in business are uniquely positioned to help make huge societal changes by the way they lead and the cultures they create. When people are happier at work, they are generally happier at home. They are better spouses, partners, parents, siblings, friends, neighbors, and citizens of this great planet that we are privileged to share.


That is why I am moved to help leaders become more effective, impactful, and happier at work. It’s not by focusing on creating clever marketing plans or developing a better sales pitch. Rather, it’s by focusing on who they are and how they can bring their healthiest self to work, every day, and all day.


I also find it extremely gratifying and inspirational every time I see someone connect with his/her own potential, and that this connection gives them the confidence, strength, and power to move in the direction of their greatest dreams.

I am moved every time someone decides that they want something better for themselves, for their company, or the people they employ. In fact, if there is one thing that my clients have in common, it is this: they want something better and they refuse to settle for less than they deserve.