What I Do 

Once a client asked me what my gifts were. I had to say, “I’ll get back to you!” 


I knew by the results that my clients experienced and the personal and professional growth that took place that I was a very good coach. But what was it about me that made me different as a coach? What set me apart?


The answer came from a client who casually mentioned at the end of a session, “You know Linda, you see the light in others and reflect it back to them.”


That was it! Yes, I do! I have the gift of seeing the light in others and reflecting it back to them for their own growth. And I have learned to recognize and use this gift for my personal and professional growth—as I will help you recognize and utilize the gifts within you.


I help you create the conditions for your success through mindfulness techniques and brain-based strategies.  I accomplish this via coaching. Coaching is my right livelihood. I have been coaching for most of my professional life, there just wasn’t a name for it twenty years ago. Specifically, my work is focused on personal development, leadership development, and culture change.


That is the “what” of what I do. The more interesting question, is “why.” Why did I choose this work?