How I Do It


The “how” of my work is based on co-active coaching, neuroscience, and the practice of mindfulness. Whereas co-active coaching is my foundation, mindfulness and brain science are the powerful tools that enable me to help companies and the people who work in them create effective and lasting positive change.


I had the good fortune to be trained by the Coaches Training Institute, one of the finest and oldest training institutions in the world. My continuing curiosity led me to Gestalt psychology, Buddhism, the practice of mindfulness, and then, to Mark Waldman, one of the world’s leading experts on the brain, communication, spirituality, a New York Times best-selling author, and, most importantly, my teacher.


I have completed Mark's course and am proud to be among the first to receive the certified Neuroscience Leadership Coach designation. 


Through Mark and the teachings of so many other wonderful neuroscientists, I have learned amazingly simple yet effective techniques, including meditation, that help reduce stress, increase productivity, encourage creative thinking, and overcome our human brain’s tendency to ruminate on negativity. These techniques have increased my effectiveness as a coach and have also served to satisfy my desire to create maximum potential for myself and the world around me.