Linda Cassell

Is it possible to change your brain and reduce stress in 30 seconds or less?


Is it possible to get more done, reconnect with your innate creativity, and have more joy in your life faster than you ever imagined?

Learning simple, elegant, mindfulness techniques and brain-based strategies can change your brain and change your life.

What do you want to create? 

Do you love your job but have a difficult relationship with your board, CEO, or staff?

Do you wish you were doing something else but trying to tough it out where you are, hoping things will get better. 


We have this amazing, wonderful inner resource called the brain. There is a direct link between understanding how to use it, nurture it, and creating a rich, fulfilling life.

Do you feel good about your leadership skills but want to take them to the next level? 

Have you inherited a negative work environment and want to change the culture?

Are you ready to serve on a corporate board but not sure where to begin?

Do you wish you were a better speaker?


Creating the conditions for your success! You can do it by improving the neural functioning of your brain through mindfulness techniques and brain-based strategies. I will   show you how! 


My Services 

I work with clients to achieve their goals through:

Leadership development 

Personal development

Culture change

Resumes that get read

Presentation skills that create heart-to-heart connections