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Are you feeling stuck in a job that is not fulfilling?

Would you love your work to be a reflection of what is meaningful to you?

Hear my interview with Nancy Brook on the Love your Path Show. No matter what your situation, you can use an inside-out approach to create a career or business you'll love.


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Hi Linda - I'm writing to let you know that my book Cycling, Wine, and Men: A Midlife Tour de France will finally be released nationally on Feb. 8. Yeah! Can you believe it was almost a year ago when we met? I was highly frustrated with my job, I hadn't finished my book, and my life's course was so unclear and uncertain. You really helped me during this difficult time to get my bearings and forge forward in the direction of my dreams. Thank you so much!"
-- Nancy Brook

"Your presentation was outstanding. The group could not stop talking about you! You added a great deal to our knowledge base."
-- Joel Sarfati, Executive Director, 40+ DC,

"What a powerful message you have shared. YOU ROCK THE PLANET girlfriend. Keep on keeping on!"
-- Eva Gregory, master coach, author, and speaker

"WOW! I loved the show! I loved the show! I wish there was more time. I must say the show reminded me about being centered. Iím telling my wife and daughter that they need to mark their calendars for Tuesdays at 12 Noon if they want to get a real dose of inspiration combined with insights that I donít hear anywhere else. You two ladies are great interviewers. Did I tell you that I loved the show?!"
-- John B.
Military Officer

"Just want you to know that I now look forward to doing my Saturday morning chores because of your show! I download it on my ipod and I find it actually gives me energy! Your guests, the great content, and your interviewing skills are a great combination! Iím addicted! Thanks for doing this!"
-- Debra T.




Just imagine...

  • A new career where you're doing everything you were meant to be doing

  • A new lifestyle that suits you perfectly

  • A new level of fulfillment that you've been waiting for (and never thought you'd actually see)

  • A new, higher income level where you are finally paid what you're worth

  • A wonderful new level of optimism about your brighter future

  • An elegant new sense of balance between home and work, and between the physical, emotional and spiritual parts of your life

How do you see your perfect work situation?
How close are you to having it?

You may be much closer than you think!

I spent many years working for great people, organizations, and companies but yet there was something missing for me. I wanted more...

...but what exactly did I want more of?

Ever hear of the term “right livelihood?” It’s what you do anyway, without effort. And that is what was missing for me. I was good at what I did but it wasn’t my “right livelihood.” I wanted to earn a terrific income doing what came effortlessly for me.

Was it possible?

Yes! I knew it was possible because so many of my friends were doing exactly that!

What was their secret?

After many years of study and working with wonderful coaches, I found the formula. It’s not rocket science and it isn’t complicated but there is a precise methodology that anyone can learn.

Coaching is my right livelihood. My passion is teaching executives like you how to move away from a work life that is routine at best to one that is alive with possibilities. I delight in helping people make bold, quantum leap changes that lead them from where they are to where they want to go.

I felt tired, having grown and managed a business for 17 years along with raising four children. My youngest child is emotionally disturbed and was in and out of the hospital. I often feared that I would loose my creative edge as an executive director because I was becoming burned out and did not know how to take care of myself. Linda provided a safe haven for me to which I could bring my personal and professional challenges. As a manager I am now far less critical of my staff and see every challenge my organization faces as an opportunity to do things better. I am so much more positive in my approach to life and have shed the need to judge others (and myself) in a harsh way. Working with Linda has helped me to feel more in control of my life and my energy and enthusiasm have returned.

Janice G, Ex. Dir,
Wash, DC

I want to begin working with you right now to identify the inspired action steps that will lead you to your perfect career, whatever that may look like to you.

We spend far too much time at
work to be miserable.

I've walked in your shoes. I know where you are coming from but I also know where you can go. It’s either one of two paths.

The first is the path you're on now. It's called the status quo. It's a continuation of your current career, toughing it out and hoping things get better on their own. It's the water-treading, day-in-day-out grind that we have convinced ourselves is just the way things are.

Then there's the second path. And I can tell you from personal experience that this is the preferred way to travel.

You could call this path a Career Path, but it's paved much differently than what you're used to. It's a path with internal roots, based on who you are, who you were born to be, and what is standing in your way that needs to be pushed aside.

Yes, there are indeed things that are standing in your way. Things in your own mind. Negative voices from your past that no longer serve you, but they are still there nonetheless, like those people who stay too long at a party.

Your past experiences are filled with these thoughts. Past mistakes, guilt, fears, failures, traumatic events, even things you've said or done that you regret. All of these make up what is now your self-limiting beliefs.

For reasons only known to your subconscious, it is you and only you who is holding yourself back from achieving true greatness in your career.

In my new Create your Perfect Career executive coaching program, we will expose all of these self-limiting beliefs and dismantle them, carefully and methodically, and we'll do it in a way that makes sense for you and no one else.

Once this is done, we then get to work on planning your future career in a way that is potent, highly focused and results-driven.

We're going to challenge paradigms, smash comfort zones and perform some major shape-shifts in your current way of thinking.

The outcome? It could be…..

A salary that provides all the money you want

Ownership of a business that provides the freedom to schedule work around your lifestyle needs

A position in which you feel completely valued and well compensated

You get to decide but let’s not wait another day to get you started down this new path! Call me now at 202-263-9135 or email me at Linda@QuantumLeapCT.com


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